HowTo – Briefings

Knowledge, creativity, and enthusiasm lie at the heart of solving complex legal issues. We like to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with our clients’ teams, allowing them to unfold their own creativity to utmost effect. To this end, we offer individualized in-house trainings and tailor-made briefings on issues of practice, strategy, and law, which enable our clients to safely traverse the legal jungle growing in the backyard of their business.

Mastering the substantial flood of information and legal requirements affecting so many fields of business requires increasing specialisation and training of employees, whether on the level of project management, procurement departments, sales forces, or on site.

Our trainings combine deep knowledge with practical experience and creative ideas that work, aiming to create awareness of pitfalls on a general level, to help keep up to date with legal developments in the relevant field, and to foster a sense for when and where in-depth external advice should be obtained. The result is often considerable relief for the inhouse legal department and cost savings facilitated by a targeted approach to employing outside counsel.

Our deep familiarity with and understanding of our clients’ projects put us in the position to develop adequate project-related guidance and training without losing sight of practicability. Our briefings are interactive and engaging, creating an environment that allows our clients to distil lessons from an honest assessment of past experience and providing space for Q&A as the need arises.