Commercial Contracts

The secret to the successful execution of every project lies in its careful structuring and planning. Naturally, our clients will focus on the commercial conditions and technical solutions underlying their deals. We acknowledge that our clients’ projects are about realising visions and attaining goals; legalistic glass bead games have to take a back-seat. Carefully drafted and harmonised contracts, however, can be that decisive layer of armour protecting a project from irreparable harm. We ensure thus that the legal terms in which the business ventures of our clients are framed conform with the needs of their business realities while solidifying their long-term success.

Our firm’s lawyers have been involved in the drafting and negotiations of numerous commercial contracts. We have successfully stood at our clients’ sides throughout the planning and execution of small and large-scale projects. With our assistance, our clients are able to avoid legal pitfalls both mundane and extraordinary, thereby minimising complications and risk exposure.

Our experience in the field of dispute resolution has shown us all too well where projects can take a wrong turn. The insights obtained through years of handling multi-jurisdictional disputes have provided us with the sharp vision required to identify issues that warrant particular attention at the time of drafting a contract. Most importantly, however, we listen to what our clients have to say – and assist them in realising their goals.

Each individual client and each individual project requires different levels of involvement. The solutions we offer are bespoke, catering to the individual needs of each one of our clients. Hence, our contracts team takes care of the entire legal framework of a given project, if so requested, but is also content to provide focused and specific legal support on individual issues, as needed.