Distribution structures come in a vast variety of forms. From simple sale and purchase agreements to international dealer networks or monumental franchises, the legal architecture of distribution channels can touch upon a considerable number of very specific laws. Add to that the manifold implications of an international distribution network, and you have yourself a smorgasbord of issues requiring legal attention. We help our clients navigate these – at times unchartered – waters.

Throughout their practice, our lawyers have been involved in many disputes arising out of international distribution or commercial agency contracts. We are intimately familiar with all pitfalls of cross-border or multi-national distribution, franchise, or agency agreements, and the legal tools available, both on the national and the European level, to avoid them.

This experience not only equips our team members to guide clients through any arbitration or litigation involving distribution matters. It also puts them in the best position to assist our clients in legally structuring their ventures and in coordinating efforts in multiple jurisdictions to attain a concerted system of contracts aimed at preventing disputes from the outset. It is our lawyers’ deep understanding of the underlying issues that enables them to identify any aspects that require particular attention in the drafting of distribution, dealership, or agency contracts.

We advise and accompany producers, distributors, commercial agents, franchisors and franchisees, from the drafting and negotiation of contracts, throughout their implementation, all the way to their possible termination, the assessment of subsequent compensation claims, and their enforcement in potential arbitration or litigation proceedings. In all this, we bring to bear our particular strength and expertise with cross-border and multi-jurisdictional legal relationships.