IT, Blockchain and Crypto Assets

Our firm has strong roots in legal matters concerning technological innovation and application. We understand the rapidly evolving landscape of information technology and the technical intricacies of blockchains and their various applications, including cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and decentralized applications.

While a comparably recent phenomenon, these matters are far from unregulated, and the regulatory landscape affecting, constraining, and shaping these technologies and applications is evolving with significant speed.  We keep ourselves abreast of these developments and provide cutting-edge advice to our clients that are active in or brush up against these technologies.

This does not only reflect the existing black-letter law.  Where today’s state of the art may be tomorrow’s old hat, and where legal regulation is aimed at staying relevant in the future, it is crucial to ensure that legal compliance is not myopically focused on the present moment but proactive and forward-looking. We guide our clients through the digital legal jungle and work with them in setting up future-proof concepts and applications that remain relevant and sound within tomorrow’s legal framework.

We advise enterprise-level companies, startups, and financial institutions on corporate law, securities law, M&A, and finance transactions involving cutting edge IT, blockchain technology, and crypto assets. Our legal solutions are developed in close cooperation with our clients, and are tailored to the unique challenges they face in the digital world.