While our firm’s tradition is anchored in decades of experience in international dispute resolution, we are not solely procedural lawyers. Our experience spans a broad range of substantive legal fields, from simple delivery and supply contracts to international distribution and dealership arrangements; from small real estate deals to complex constructions and large-scale infrastructure projects; from failed corporate deals and issues of company law to intellectual property rights in technology and design. We see, on a daily basis, where and how things can go wrong, and we analyse, in every instance, where and how the ensuing dispute could have been prevented.

It is this insight which we capitalise on for our clients. Rather than simply waiting for the next arbitration or court case, we assist our clients in implementing foresighted solutions, aligning the legal framework of their deals with the industry’s particularities and requirements, legally structuring and optimizing their projects, and limiting their risk and exposure. We ensure that the advice we give is pragmatic and to the point, favouring targeted briefing notes over lengthy internal memos unless so required by the circumstances or the client.

Most importantly, we acknowledge our responsibility to make things possible for our clients rather than burdening their deals with impracticable pro forma advice. Where risks present themselves, we do not merely disclose them or issue warnings; we address them, propose ways to neutralize them, and outline actions for contingency situations.

It is self-evident that we can provide the depth and quality of these services only in legal fields in which we feel absolutely comfortable and which we can confidently navigate. We are not, therefore, what would typically be considered a full-service law firm. In those carefully chosen areas in which we do offer legal advice, however, we fully capitalize on the flexibility afforded to us by our size and lean structures, and the control over quality that comes with it – and so do our clients.