Real Estate and Construction

Construction projects and real estate deals form part of an economy’s hardware and backbone. Many of our clients are deeply involved in such projects and transactions, and our team at Paragon is attuned to their needs.

Construction-related dispute resolution forms part of our DNA. Our expertise does not, however, end there. Both the conduct of real estate transactions and the execution of construction projects involve a wide variety of legal issues, among them contract management, financing, the obtaining of various permits, and the resolution of disputes. Our firm’s lawyers are well equipped to advise on all these matters, providing clear guidance on the legal background against which a transaction is conducted or a project implemented.

In providing our legal services, we also interface closely with our clients’ tax consultants to ensure that the deals of our clients not only rest on firm legal footing but are also structured in a tax-efficient manner.

Our core goal in assisting our clients with their real estate transactions or construction projects is this: allowing our clients to focus on their core business while we keep it clear of any untoward legal entanglements.