Supply Chain Compliance

Recent regulatory developments aim at setting new legal standards for ethical behaviour and accountability. Businesses are required to account for the origins of their products starting from the first link in their supply chain.  This includes the obligation to establish proper risk management procedures to identify and minimise the risk of human rights violations and environmental depredation.

Our experts assist our clients in matters of corporate accountability and supply chain compliance. We guide them through the entire process of supply chain due diligence, thereby facilitating corporate responsibility while avoiding risks like fines and penalties, sanctions and the exclusion from public (and, increasingly, private) tenders.

The demands of state-of-the-art corporate responsibility are not, however, exhausted with a certificate based on one single due diligence. Compliance must be monitored continuously and consistently. We support our clients in establishing the procedures and creating the tools enabling them to manage, and document, their compliance efficiently and effectively.