Adjudication & DABs

The past three decades have seen adjudication turn into a powerful instrument in the dispute resolution toolbox, often allowing for a swift and efficient resolution of disputes arising in an ongoing project.

We assist our clients in using adjudication and dispute adjudication boards (“DABs”) as an efficient way to safeguard their interests and efficiently resolve disputes when realizing projects in a variety of sectors, ranging from the construction industry, over long-term concession projects, to operational and maintenance contracts.

Our intimate familiarity with and understanding of our clients’ projects and of the industries they are placed in allows us to maximize the benefit and success that our clients can extract from these dispute resolution mechanisms.

Most importantly, we adopt a 360-degree approach, which does not only kick into gear after disputes have already arisen.  Rather, we assist our clients in fashioning the contractual framework of their projects in a way that minimizes conflicts from the outset, and we organize and manage their work streams and documentation in ongoing projects in a way that maximizes their leverage in case any dispute does arise; and, as the case may be, successfully present their case before adjudicators and DABs based on our industry, technical, and legal expertise as well as our advocacy prowess.