Our firm was born from decades of collective experience in international dispute resolution. Each of our senior lawyers has seen, over many years, both the worst and the best that can come out of legal conflict.

As such, we embrace the individuality of every dispute, attacking crucial issues with surgical precision rather than adopting a scattergun approach. Our experience in litigating cross-border disputes has sharpened our senses to identify these crucial issues and the most efficient route to achieving our clients’ goals.

Large-scale disputes can take a long time to resolve. Throughout the entire lifecycle of a dispute, we accompany our clients with customized and individualized solutions. Avoiding a one-size-fits-all mindset, we are attentive and attuned to the various background conditions, different company structures, wide range of corporate cultures, and diverse personalities that shape the nature of every legal dispute and inform the best way of resolving it. We listen, we observe, and we deliver.

Through our practice as international litigators, we have become all too acquainted with strategies aimed at steamrolling an opponent through pure strength in numbers and (outsized) resources; and we have developed the means to counter these methods. In doing so, our lawyers favour elegant riposte over brute force.