Litigation proceedings can be a regular corollary of a company’s business, or they can arise in the form of an exceptional worst case. They can range from being minute, calling into question whether they are even worth pursuing, to being huge bet-the-company litigations, threatening the existence of the entire enterprise or a major line of business. Whatever their nature or size, however, they carry the risk of putting considerable strain on a business’s resources.

We assist our clients in devising litigation strategies that handle each of their disputes as effectively and efficiently as possible. This also includes considered advice on whether litigation is the right fit for a particular dispute at all. We do not only have one gear, spurring our clients on to litigate, whatever the cost. Instead, in analysing any given case, we take a holistic approach, identifying strengths and weaknesses, evaluating risks, and proposing a route towards the most reasonable resolution of a particular dispute for a particular client.

Our lawyers are recognized experts in civil and commercial litigation matters in both domestic and cross-border disputes. They are also experienced in ancillary proceedings, securing our clients’ interests through injunctive relief and enforcement. In addition, our team has extensive experience in providing assistance for foreign litigations, including in court proceedings aimed at securing and taking evidence.

Our team has advised and successfully represented clients across a broad range of industries and sectors, including construction and engineering, transportation, pharma, oil and gas, insurance and reinsurance, finance and luxury goods. In addition to our experience in representing business clients, we also advise private clients in all litigious matters.