Claim Management

Increasing complexity of transactions in a global business world has led to substantial (over-)regulation of change and claims procedures. In many industries, formalistic mechanisms have taken hold that make or break a claim irrespective of its justification – usually with the full endorsement of the law.

In such a legal environment, preparation is key. The importance of observing these procedures, of keeping track of changes and claims, and of managing time limits and notifications has spawned its own guild.

While businesses from some legal traditions have embraced these developments and turned them to their advantage, there are legal cultures in which many enterprises shun the overall process.  However, treating the applicable legal requirements with reservation or disdain often comes at a substantial price. We assist our clients in avoiding these pitfalls and offer the full range of claim management services as part of our InHouse Outsourced portfolio.

The focus of our task to protect our clients’ interests often shifts once litigious proceedings have been commenced.  Where necessary, we ensure that our clients’ justified reliance on the usages and practices established within the relevant industry are not frustrated and fend off unjustified attacks based on purported violations of claims and change procedures.  We do so by complementing our legal and practical expertise with industry knowledge and our hallmark advocacy skills.