In the aftermath of a legal battle, the sweet taste of victory may sour when realization sets in that the win so dearly purchased in years of litigious proceedings is actually a Pyrrhic victory. The most beautiful win before courts and arbitral tribunals may well be futile if success falters at the enforcement stage.

We thus advise our clients on strategic enforcement-related issues and decisions even before legal proceedings are formally initiated. And we subsequently ensure that our clients’ victories have teeth if and as necessary to realize the objectives they have successfully fought for. To that effect, we bring to bear our extensive experience in securing the enforcement of domestic and foreign decisions – arbitral awards and court decisions alike – in Austria, including in pre-award procedures such as preliminary attachment or conservatory measures.

We are also expert guides for our clients in how best to enforce their victories globally. From organizing and accompanying asset tracing investigations to coordinating multi-jurisdictional collection and enforcement strategies, we offer our clients a holistic approach to their post-award options.

Equally importantly, where legal proceedings have gone awry, we assist our clients in opposing enforcement of judgements and awards tainted by corruption and fraud. Where judges or arbitrators have failed to render justice, tenacity, perseverance, and sophisticated legal expertise can tip the scales in favour of our clients after all.