Ancillary Services

Conducting court and arbitration proceedings well involves ancillary tasks that may not always be apparent to clients that are less used to resolving their disputes in a litigious environment.

Most importantly, the forensic aspects of gathering, processing, organizing, and exploiting information and evidence require considerable skill and expertise. While more formal documents like contracts, offers and orders, change requests or even meeting minutes may be easily identified and collected, systematically identifying and combing through years of project correspondence may take substantial amounts of time, tying up valuable company resources and/or substantially increasing costs.

This is where we step in, crafting a cost-efficient yet effective setup for document collection and review, including by selecting the most appropriate database solutions and artificial intelligence tools designed to provide considerable relief from a seemingly overwhelming deluge of (digital) data.

On an entirely different level, we present our clients with opportunities to test-run procedural strategies and the force of arguments and evidence on which their case strategy is built by means of mock trials and shadow arbitrations. These can provide new perspectives on key aspects of a case and offer independent analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a case throughout the lifecycle of a dispute. We are adept at setting up the most appropriate process for our clients and guiding them through the experience. Our senior lawyers’ vast experience as both party representatives and arbitrators in high-stake disputes also allows us to offer customized mock trial and shadow arbitration services to other firms and their respective clients.