Increasing complexity of transactions in a global business world has led to substantial (over-)regulation of change and claims procedures. In many industries, formalistic mechanisms have taken hold that make or break a claim irrespective of whether it is justified on substance – usually with the full endorsement of the law.

The importance of observing these procedures, of keeping track of changes and claims, and of managing time limits and notifications has spawned its own guild.

While some businesses have embraced these developments and use them to their advantage, there are legal cultures in which enterprises often shun the overall process.  However, treating the applicable legal requirements with reservation or disdain often comes at a substantial price. We assist our clients in avoiding these pitfalls and in overcoming their reservations towards active claim management.

We offer our clients assistance in managing their claims, whether by taking the helm with fully fledged claim management in close cooperation with the project team, or by assisting them with selected issues or matters. The ultimate goal regarding this aspect of project management, however, is to teach our clients how to fish, helping them set up their own processes and procedures, and seamlessly integrate these into their everyday business.

Our team’s familiarity with the project and the cooperation established with our client’s project team allows us to also provide particularly swift and accurate support in case a dispute arises.