The recurring need for sound legal advice is a corollary of operating almost any business. A considerable range of legal issues must be addressed at various junctures and with varying frequency – from specific advice on a particular project, via legal issues arising from a business’s organization and daily operations, to the review of contract clauses and project correspondence.

Depending on industry and size of the business, the setup and operation of a legal department may not be feasible, while ad hoc external legal advice may be both expensive and hard to come by on short notice. In some instances, unforeseen developments may make it difficult for an otherwise well-established legal department to provide the unexpectedly swift responses or speedy assistance required.

We address these needs with solutions that are tailored to the specific situation at hand, acting in lieu of a legal department or as its organic extension. With next to no fluctuation amongst our lawyers, our teams can provide our clients with dependable long-term assistance at the chosen intensity and necessary frequency. This allows our lawyers to become intimately familiar with the business structure and culture of our clients, ensuring seamless integration of our services and unlocking synergies benefiting both sides.

Our virtual legal department is designed to ensure cost-awareness and effectiveness, offering a number of easy-to-manage and transparent fee arrangements, from adaptable monthly flat fees, via flexible service packages to discounted hourly rates.