Crisis Support

While overcoming challenges forms part of every enterprise’s business, there are times when significant negative surprises or unexpected obstacles arise which may seem insurmountable, whether materializing on the project level or threatening to pierce the heart of the business itself.

In these times, decisive yet collected crisis management is key. When the roof is on fire, sober analysis and swift but level-headed actions must prevail over panicked band-aid solutions or extreme reactions. Almost always, the objectivity contributed by the unbiased view of an external expert advisor can help calming the situation. Good crisis management goes beyond mere damage control, but aims at building back better and identifying the unique opportunities that a crisis presents for a business.

We help our clients navigate these storms by providing emergency evaluations and legal due diligence; by coordinating legal teams from various jurisdictions in case of cross-border crises; by conducting or organizing internal investigations; by preparing legal turnaround concepts and preventive measures for future implementation; and by handling legal and strategic aspects of message control and communication.

Our years of experience in international dispute resolution have trained us to manage the element of surprise and to swiftly switch into “crisis mode” if necessary. It is in these situations that our battle-proven instincts unfold their full potential to advise, manage, and support until the storm has settled.