Inhouse Outsourced

Whether during regular operations or on an occasional basis, businesses face a variety of legal issues that are typically handled by their in-house lawyers.

For some enterprises, maintaining their own legal department will be economically inefficient. However, even for well-established legal departments, unforeseen developments may still lead to a sudden increase in workload or shortfall of legal personnel that needs to be addressed immediately. And even the most experienced legal divisions may face tasks that require specialized knowledge not available in-house.

In all these cases, we cater to our clients’ operative legal needs in a flexible and targeted way. Our experience in handling large-scale international disputes has taught us the essence of what it means to cooperate closely with our clients’ teams, sometimes for years on end.

Examples of such a cooperation include legal helpdesk services, support in negotiations, regular contract review on a general or on a detailed level, as well as claims and contract management.

The fee arrangements we offer for this kind of services are as diverse as our clients’ needs, including lump sum agreements for pre-defined tasks, monthly flat fees for repeat services, bulk-purchase of support hours at greatly reduced prices, or even temporary secondment of experienced lawyers to our clients’ in-house teams.