Dispute Coordination

Standing in the limelight, forcefully and artfully advocating our clients’ interests in court or before arbitral tribunals is the essence of being a disputes lawyer. However, we bring our experience as litigators to bear to the benefit of our clients in other ways as well. In some cases, our clients’ interests may be best served by us directing and coordinating, and orchestrating their overall interests in multi-jurisdictional disputes behind the scenes.

Assuming this role, we craft strategies and action plans, coordinating not just external counsel in various jurisdictions but also different levels and departments involved on the clients‘ side.  In doing so, we ensure that our clients‘ approach is one of concerted and forceful action, rather than of passive reaction.

Our setup as an international independent law firm seated in the heart of Europe makes us perfectly suited for catering to our clients’ needs in multi-jurisdiction disputes. We are not locked into a rigid organizational framework, nor are we hell-bound to use a particular firm or consultant. Rather, we have a rich and substantial network of international experts in numerous legal, commercial, and industrial fields at our fingertips, and diligently select the best of candidates for each role and task. We manage the task force thus created efficiently, keeping the hassles of organization and administration away from our clients’ desks.

Paragon’s lawyers have acted as strategic counsel and dispute coordinators in some of the most complex multi-jurisdictional disputes in recent years, always focussed on the specific preferences of our clients and the particularities of the respective dispute. To us, every case is unique, and so is the team we are assembling to handle it.