Communication Support

Communication is key.  The content and manner of communication can be of strategic importance and legal significance.

We assist our clients in shaping the right content of their message as well as the right time and manner of its communication. We take on communications on both, the internal and the external level, whether for a specific occurrence or as part of establishing general guidelines and practices. If called upon, we also devise with and for our clients a comprehensive communications strategy. In every case, we assist our clients in communicating in a way that prevents damage to their business, reputation, and legal position.

A specific niche for our communications support arises in large-scale projects and long-term contracts. There, clear communication, concise wording, and avoidance of legally ambiguous correspondence and records (such as meeting minutes) are essential to safeguarding a client’s legal position and the overall smooth progress of the project. This can become a particularly sensitive issue where a dispute has arisen and the need for continued cooperation appears to be at odds with the need to take a strong stance and limit legal exposure. We help our clients to find a safe path through this rocky territory, identifying ways to strike the right balance in harmonizing a constructive approach and legal protection wherever possible.