Contract Negotiations

Contracts in international business transactions are often negotiated by sales or procurement departments with the involvement of technical and project teams. Our disputes practice shows that the involvement of lawyers is kept to a minimum, often to avoid what is perceived as excessive caution or formalism.

We offer our clients a different approach to legal guidance in contract negotiations. Rather than issuing warnings or pointing out problems at every juncture, we aim at blending into the commercial and technical teams of our clients, providing practical solutions within the confines of what can reasonably be achieved in a given setting.

It is our goal to help our clients negotiate beneficial terms by explaining how the contract’s provisions may affect their interests and projects, while keeping in mind the realities of their underlying business transaction. This allows our clients to make well-informed decisions and to decide when and how to compromise.

Assisting in contract negotiations, however, is more than just providing legal advice. If clients integrate us into their negotiation teams, they can harness our full skillset of presentation, persuasion, and conciliation as well as our refined sense for where to compromise and to what extent.