Whether on an administrative level or throughout the lifecycle of a particular project or transaction, managing the legal side of things is often perceived by businesses as an unwelcome nuisance.

We step in by assisting our clients in managing their contracts, from the early stages of creation, negotiations and review, through the implementation and monitoring stage, all the way to the renewal or termination of their agreements.

To this end, we do not just provide the legal tools and input required for the task, but also take care of the organisational side, ensuring legal due diligence as well as efficient and consistent monitoring of deadlines and notifications.

In keeping with one of the cornerstones of our work philosophy, we aim at close cooperation with our clients while at the same time focusing on the least invasive approach, keeping disruptions at bay.

The value we add in matters of contract management does not stem from guarded business secrets, but from experience – which we are happy to share. We assist our clients in establishing their own contract management, implementing smooth and efficient procedures as well as easy-to-follow guidelines.