Suppliers and manufacturers in the automotive industry are contending with a multitude of challenges within an intensely competitive market that is disrupted by the advent of new technologies.

On one hand, the growing regulations surrounding sustainability, product liability, consumer protection, and competition law impose a substantial regulatory burden on market participants. On the other hand, shortages of raw materials, escalating energy costs, trade disputes, and various supply chain disruptions are creating an increasingly challenging global environment for market participants. Additionally, the rapid pace of innovation among competitors and the swiftly changing demands of consumers necessitate constant vigilance, rapid adaptability, and robust protection of innovations. Finally, new global players are emerging and lighting up the furnace of competition – unsurprisingly, fierce competition yields disputes.

We comprehend the demanding landscape our clients are navigating and possess the agility to respond swiftly to shifts in the market, safeguarding and fortifying our clients’ leading position. We advise clients on every level of the supply chain, be it raw material and commodity traders, technology providers and part suppliers, transportation service providers, automobile manufacturers, businesses in the compliance, safety & testing sectors, or distributors and dealers.

Our portfolio includes drafting and negotiating simple supply contracts or general conditions of sale or purchase, structuring complex long-term cooperations, devising and coordinating legal frameworks for distribution, and handling our clients’ disputes at every level. Fusing our proficiency in legal matters with industry experience and a global network of partners concerning all related technical and commercial issues, we can take care of all legal needs of our automotive industry clients.