Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Innovation lies at the heart of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Transactions as well as disputes in these sectors frequently concern issues of patent law, licensing, intellectual property rights, and competition law.

Our expertise in these fields originated in our disputes practice, representing industry-leading clients in major and complex cases. We have built on this experience and expanded our expertise over time, enabling us to advise our clients also in contract negotiations and regulatory matters.

Several of our lawyers have scientific or engineering backgrounds and a genuine passion for the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. This affords us an unparalleled ability to spot issues and think outside the box when addressing not just legal, but also practical, structural, and strategic issues for our clients.

Our clients value our commitment to finding elegant solutions to complex legal and technical issues. We take pride in our ability to distil intricate and interwoven technical and legal concepts into clear insight and guidance for our clients.  In advocating our clients’ cases before courts and arbitral tribunals, we present complex issues in a refreshingly simple, efficient, and well-arranged way that makes a resolution in favour of our clients that much more attractive in the eyes of the decision maker.