Energy, Commodities & Natural Resources

Industries that depend on natural resources face a vast number of challenges. The market for natural resources is unpredictable and volatile, with prices affected not only by demand, but also by global economic dynamics, geopolitical shifts, and seasonal fluctuations. Additionally, increasing regulation, heightened environmental concerns, trade conflicts, and supply chain disruptions add further complexities that businesses in the industry need to grapple with.

These challenges inevitably give rise to disputes between market players, spanning a broad spectrum from straightforward payment claims to complex technological disputes and claims for expropriation.

We possess a unique combination of legal expertise, industry knowledge, and commercial acumen essential for successfully navigating this complex terrain.

We offer comprehensive legal and strategic advice throughout the negotiation, planning, and execution phases of large-scale projects in the energy, commodities, and natural resources sectors. Whether international contractors, owners, or state entities, we are equipped to represent our clients’ interests and resolve any disputes that may arise at various stages of their projects’ lifecycles.

What sets us apart is our unique combination of top-range legal expertise, real-world industry experience, and in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses. We take the time to comprehend the diverse challenges our clients face and provide tailored solutions to address their specific needs. Our network of leading technical and market experts further enhances our ability to deliver comprehensive support, going beyond legal advice and representation.