What truly sets Paragon apart in construction, infrastructure, and engineering disputes is our unique approach, combining sophisticated legal analysis with a commercial mindset, technical knowledge, and industry-specific experience.

Our team deeply understands the entire lifecycle of construction, infrastructure, and engineering projects and the multitude of issues that may affect them. We have represented a diverse array of clients, including private consortia, prime contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, third-party lenders, and governmental entities involved in public infrastructure, oil and gas, co-generation, hydro-electric, mining, and various industrial projects spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

We assist our clients in negotiating and drafting their project documentation to ensure an equitable distribution of contract risk and the precise articulation of relevant acts, securities, and clauses in complex groups of contracts. We also support them in mitigating and resolving disputes arising from a wide spectrum of project agreements, including joint-venture, financing, securities, insurance, design-build, O&M, DBFO, PPP, and concession arrangements.

We have successfully navigated claims arising from different facets of project management, including tendering and procurement processes, public purchasing, variations, and various other claims in construction, industrial, and IT projects. Our lawyers are leading advocates not only before courts and arbitral tribunals, but also have considerable experience with expert determination, dispute boards, and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. This positions them well to provide our clients with guidance on the most appropriate mechanism for the resolution of their specific dispute.

We understand that in intricate, high-stakes cases the support of technical and commercial experts is often indispensable. Over the years, we have cultivated valuable relationships with leading experts renowned for their ability to fuse advanced subject-matter analysis with eloquent presentation of complex matters before international arbitral tribunals and courts.

Combining our own leading lawyers with our network of renowned experts allows us to assemble bespoke teams tailored to the specific demands of each case, ensuring that our clients receive the best integrated package of competence and proficiency.

Whether your construction, infrastructure, and engineering projects or cases are of substantial magnitude or of modest scale, rest assured that we are fully equipped to handle them with diligence, expertise, and efficiency.