Telecommunication, media, and technology are the life blood that runs through our modern societies and the markets our clients operate in. As a result, the business dealings of our clients that are active in these areas are deeply embedded in a related network of densely woven legal norms and regulations.

Data protection and data privacy have become buzz words, affecting these industries with rigorous legal constraints and the need to devise adequate procedures and legal due diligence. The market and framework for electronic commerce and digital goods have also undergone substantial regulation, calling for both expert knowledge on specific IT laws and the skilful application of traditional legal instruments in the digital world.

Our IT law specialists provide expert advice in these fields, focusing on civil and commercial law matters as well as on regulatory issues.

Disputes that arise in this sector frequently involve joint ventures, syndicated transactions, and cross-border consortiums and require mastery of both the technical and regulatory issues involved. Protection of business secrets is key in IT-related disputes, rendering arbitration the preferred mechanism for resolving them.  Our team of advocates has considerable experience in rigorously and successfully pursuing our clients’ interests in disputes relating to the telecommunications, media, and technologies sectors.