Transportation, Logistics & Mobility

In the world of transportation and logistics, precision is key: delivering the right product, at the right time, in the correct quantity and condition, to the intended recipient, at the designated location, and ensuring timely payment in the right amount and currency. Achieving this precision requires the careful orchestration of numerous stakeholders, including operators, carriers, subcontractors, financiers, insurers, surveyors, and other contributors, to ensure that they all work together in seamless coordination. This intricate interplay takes place within a rapidly evolving global legal landscape and disruptions by political shifts.

We excel in assisting clients to navigate these challenges by identifying, anticipating, and mitigating risks inherent in their cross-border transportation and logistics transactions. We devise robust contractual frameworks and tailor them to our clients’ specific needs, taking into account the global legal and political environment, as well as potential future developments that may impact their deal.

We also possess extensive experience in representing clients in disputes arising from cross-border transportation and logistics transactions, be it due to delays, defects, damage, non-payment, or other disruptions.