Creative Industries & Art

The creative industries are a diverse and complex sector with a range of different stakeholders, including artists, state actors, private collectors, art dealers, galleries, museums, auction houses and other sophisticated and multi-faceted businesses that often operate on an international scale.

We understand the intricacies of the creative industry and offer a wide range of legal services specifically tailored to the needs of the arts community and its various players. Whatever our clients’ role or position in the creative industries and arts sector, we provide expert advice on negotiating, drafting, and enforcing the contracts that form the legal bases of their activities and commercial success. Our experience in the insurance sector supplements our relevant portfolio perfectly, as does our core business in dispute resolution.

Proactive planning and risk management are vital in the art world. We work closely with our clients to assess and implement all necessary protection mechanisms and to prevent disputes before they arise.

In case of unavoidable disputes, it is our priority to find solutions that serve our clients’ interests best, devising clear and forceful strategies in order to quell the conflict at the earliest possible stage.

We are well-versed in the mechanisms of the art market and understand how the benefits of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, can be brought to bear most effectively in related cases. On this basis, our firm offers tailor-made processes that take into consideration the specific requirements of disputes in the arts sector.

Whether you are seeking legal advice, assistance with contract negotiations, or the resolution of an art-related dispute, our experienced team is ready to support you.