Sports is a world fuelled by emotion, and this passion also reverberates through the disputes that arise from and within it.

Professional sports have reached staggering levels of popularity, and the multi-billion-dollar industry that has flourished around them is susceptible to a range of commercial and disciplinary disputes.

We have extensive experience representing our clients in sports arbitrations stemming from diverse contractual disputes, encompassing areas such as advertising, sponsorships, employment, franchising, television, and image rights. Additionally, we handle cases related to anti-doping and match-fixing issues as well as the licensing and transfer of athletes. When representing our clients, we always bear in mind that the consequences of these disputes often reach far beyond mere financial implications; they can profoundly affect individual destinies, entire sporting careers, and lives.

Our deep knowledge and genuine passion for the sports industry, coupled with our expertise in addressing the intricate legal issues at hand, empower us to be effective champions of our clients’ interests in this dynamic and fervent arena.