The availability of insurance plays a critical role in today’s economy, safeguarding individuals, businesses, and organizations against the financial consequences of extraordinary events. A sound understanding of insurance policies and risk assessments is critical for decision makers in companies of all sizes.

Still, navigating the intricate world of insurance and re-insurance is a complex task, requiring familiarity not only with specific practices and usages, but also with very specific terminology and concepts. We assist our clients in reviewing and negotiating insurance policies and we ensure that they align with our clients’ needs, including by providing adequate coverage for the intended purpose.

Moreover, we are well-versed in re-insurance matters. We support insurance companies in optimizing their re-insurance policies and in aligning them with their own policies. We are also familiar with ancillary legal fields such as brokerage and agency law.

In the unfortunate event that a potentially insured risk materializes, we assist both policy holders and insurance companies in properly delineating the scope of the existing coverage. Our considerable forensic capabilities, resulting from our decades-long experience as disputes lawyers, perfectly complement our insurance-related expertise in finding solutions that protect our clients’ interest.

We have successfully represented many of our clients at all levels of the business in insurance coverage disputes, dealing with the unique challenges revolving around matters of interpretation, scope of coverage, and intricate contractual arrangements, in particular in multi-party re-insurance settings. Our expertise extends across various jurisdictions and industries, including but not limited to, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, technology, and professional services.