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Inhouse Outsourced



Paragon is an internationally operating law firm based in the heart of Europe with a focus on the resolution of complex cross-border disputes before arbitral tribunals and state courts.

We also advise clients on the preparation and implementation of large-scale business ventures, including construction and infrastructure projects, from contract formation to the final steps of project execution. Our specialisation and experience in dispute resolution allows us to provide legal and strategic advice with a discerning eye, assisting our clients in realizing their business projects while minimising their exposure to litigation and liability risks.

Our team of internationally recognized lawyers combines legal expertise and deep industry knowledge to provide legal and strategic advice on a variety of commercial and corporate law issues, including company law, IP and competition law, real estate law, and insurance law.


The close relationship we enjoy with our long-standing clients has presented us with opportunities to also provide our services in a less conventional approach, serving as our clients’ legal department or an extension thereof. Based on these experiences we now offer tailored solutions to all our clients, allowing them to outsource (parts of) their inhouse legal work to us, as needed.

We assist our clients in achieving their business objectives in a way that seamlessly blends into the legal background conditions they operate in and, where necessary, to shape these in a practical and cost-effective way. Despite our specialisation in arbitration and litigation, we do not consider the litigious process as the be-all and end-all – this sharpest arrow in our quiver is available to our clients, however, in those cases in which all other means have failed.


Good legal advice is very rarely given isolated or detached from the facts. Indeed, detailed knowledge of the factual background of a legal dispute or transaction will often make the difference between success and failure. This background includes the specific circumstances of a case or deal as well as the broader factual industry setting within which these are embedded.

Our lawyers have hands-on experience in disputes and transactions pertaining to a broad range of sectors and industries, each of them with their own particularities and idiosyncrasies. These may comprise technical issues, principles of operation, established practices and usages, or even political background conditions. Intimately understanding an industry gives us the competitive edge, allowing for a deep and layered approach to resolving challenges or disputes that our clients may face.

While everyone at Paragon strives to attain a broad range of experience in different industries and sectors, our uncompromising commitment to supreme quality requires a measure of differentiation and specialization amongst our lawyers. This enables us to put together legal teams that understand our clients and their businesses while fully capitalizing on their experience when it comes to presentation and persuasion.


We have chosen to be a boutique celebrating high-quality legal craftsmanship rather than offering industrial mass production of legal services. We are large enough to take on the most complex cases and projects for our clients. We are small enough, though, to work together as a fully integrated and highly efficient team with the right level of senior partner involvement to guarantee top-level service while ensuring cost-efficiency.

Most importantly, we have founded Paragon because we simply love what we do. We thoroughly enjoy working together as a team and with our clients to understand the commercial and technical issues they face.  On this basis, we craft the tailored legal solutions that complement and enhance their commercial strategies – rather than restricting or overpowering them with legalese.


All of us as a team, and each of us individually, pursue a common goal: to be the quintessential advocate

We are proud to see every single senior lawyer recognized and ranked as a leading expert in their field of specialization, particularly dispute resolution in Austria and internationally. In addition, our diverse team of lawyers provides highly competent advice in matters of contract, commercial, and company law.

Whatever their field of expertise, all our lawyers are united in their aspiration towards excellence and the highest standards of quality.


With great talent comes great responsibility.

We are looking for gifted individuals who share our vision. While hard work is essential for achieving the level of quality we demand from ourselves and our team members, we do not expect you to dedicate your life to the firm. We do, however, expect you to dedicate your passion.
The search for long-term cooperation carried by mutual respect for each other’s interests is the core of our recruiting policy. The work we do is highly specialised, and finding the perfect place and role in an efficient yet carefully coordinated team may take not just dedication but also time. We are willing to give you that time, looking at it as an investment into our collective strength and future. Therefore, with few exceptions, we are not looking for short-term working arrangements or internships; we are looking for tomorrow’s partners.


Our firm is currently looking to fill the following positions:

  • Assistant, part-time
  • First to Second Year Associate, full-time
If you wish to apply for a position at Paragon, please direct your application to careers@paragon-advocacy.com, together with any documents you think might tell us the most about who you are.

Let us unfold your talent.